Saturday, 1 July 2000

Steel Knotts (Pikeawassa)

Steel Knotts and Fusedale
Height: 432m (1,417ft)
Prominence: 51m (167ft)
Region: Far Eastern Fells
Classifications: Wainwright, Birkett
Summit feature: Rock outcrop (Pikeawassa)
Times climbed: 2
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Pikeawassa - the summit outcrop
What Wainwright said:

"Gowk Hill sends out a crooked bony arm to form a loft ridge enclosing Fusedale. On the crest of this ridge, rock is never far from the surface and it breaks out in several places, most notably at the highest point. This freakish gnarled ridge st Steel Knotts; the summit tor named Pikeawassa".

The Steel Knotts ridge, also termed Martindale Edge, runs for about two miles in total. To the east is the steep-sided valley of Fusedale, its beck forming the boundary of the fell. This flows north to the Lake at Howtown, below the nose of the ridge. There are some crags on this side, particularly at the northern end.

Steel Knotts has a fine summit pinnacle which is named Pikeawassa.

The view of Martindale is very good with the Helvellyn range also on display.

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