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Robinson seen from the Buttermere ridge
Height: 737m (2,418ft)
Prominence: 161m (528ft)
Region: North Western Fells
Classifications: Nuttall, Hewitt, Wainwright, Marilyn, Birkett
Summit feature: Shelter on rock outcrop
Times climbed: 4
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A small shelter caps the summit
What Wainwright said:

"This fell with the prosaic name is, to look at, the least attractive of the group around Buttermere, a defect largely due to its position on the sunny side of the valley. Lack of shadow always reduces the visual appeal of mountain scenery, and on Robinson the steep slopes rise blandly into the sky with nothing in particular to attract the eye".

Robinson sits between Buttermere and Newlands, its southern slopes descending to Buttermere, while its northern side is set in the Newlands Valley.

Allegedly, the name Robinson comes from a Richard Robinson who purchased estates in the Buttermere area many centuries ago. These included this unnamed hill which was then called "Robinson's Fell", later shortened to Robinson.

The top is rounded and mainly of grass, but there are two low outcrops of rock with loose stones between. The more westerly of these is the summit and bears a cairn.

The view is robbed of foreground by the broad plateau of the summit, but serried ranks of fells appear in all directions.

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