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Welcome to All The Gear, No Idea - my own little corner of cyberspace.

Written more as a reminder to myself about what I've been up to over the last few years, you'll find a variety of hikes and scrambles that I've undertaken across England and Wales; as I attempt to climb all the English and Welsh Nuttalls -  the hills over 2,000ft in height.

I completed the Wainwrights in 2016 so you'll find every walk I did for each and every fell listed on this site and many of my hikes hosted on the excellent Mud and Routes.

We're currently living in Australia, so expect a little bit of Aussie bias for the next couple of years. We've been hiking the epic Bondi to Manly Walk so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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A definitive list of nearly all that I have climbed. So far....
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All The Gear But No Idea won the award for 'Newbie Blogger' in the 2015 Simply Hike blogger awards. Thanks to everyone who voted :)

All walks described are provided in good faith, the maps and routes described here are an indication of general direction. Any walk undertaken is done so at your own risk.


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  2. Thanks for your blog - I have reposted your Bleaklow item. HEWITT challenge may be easier for me from the East Mids of the UK!

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