Saturday, 1 July 2000

Pavey Ark

The iconic view of Pavey Ark above Stickle Tarn
Height: 700m (2,297t)
Prominence: 15m (49ft)
Region: Central Fells
Classifications: Nuttall, Wainwright, Birkett
Summit feature: Cairn
Times climbed: 3
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The summit rocks
What Wainwright said:

"Pavey Ark is Langdale's biggest cliff. In an area where crags and precipices abound, here is the giant of them all, and, scenically, it is the best. The view of the Ark across Stickle Tarn, at its foot, is superior to all others of this type in Lakeland."

Pavey Ark in one of the Lakeland hills that needs little introduction for two reasons; it is the largest cliff in Langdale and that cliff is home to Jake's Rake, a legendary Grade 1 scramble. Despite this, however, Pavey Ark faces east and is set behind Stickle Tarn so the impact of its size is only apparent after climbing up from Dungeon Ghyll.

From Stickle Tarn, Pavey Ark has the appearance of a ridge, traversing to Harrison Stickle and beyond though this is misleading as the north side consists of an undulating plateau, rising to Thunacar Knott and eventually to High Raise.

There is no cairn on the summit of Pavey Ark, simple a rocky outcrop marking the highest point. As with Harrison Stickle, views into Langdale are superb.

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