Saturday, 1 July 2000

Green Gable

Green Gable from its higher neighbour
Height: 801m (2,628ft)
Prominence: 50m (164ft)
Region: Western Fells
Classifications: Nuttall, Hewitt, Wainwright, Birkett
Summit feature: Cairn
Times climbed: 4
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Green Gable's up-close view of Gable Crag
What Wainwright said:

"The two Gables are joined like Siamese twins but they are not likenesses of each other. Great Gable is the mighty mountain that every walker wants to climb. But Green Gable is not at all insignificant. A sharp-peaked summit, more delicately wrought than Great Gable's, adds distinction".

Green Gable is the neighbour of the more famous Great Gable, rising at the head of Ennerdale. Green Gable has a footing in Borrowdale only, standing to the north of the pass. It is from Ennerdale that the fell achieves a peaked "gabled" outline, although only the lower slopes could be considered green - the summit area being a desert of stones.

Green Gable has a summit marked by a cairn and would be a famous spot in its own right but for the looming presence of Great Gable. Despite this, the summit is the perfect position from which to admire Gable Crag, and in all other directions is undiminished in its view of the Lakeland fells. The views up Ennerdale and Buttermere are a sight to behold.

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