Saturday, 1 July 2000

Eagle Crag

Eagle Crag dominating Stonethwaite
Height: 525m (1,722ft)
Prominence: 27m (89ft)
Region: Central Fells
Classifications: sub Dewey, Wainwright, Birkett
Summit feature: Sloping rock slab
Times climbed: 1
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The rock on top of the summit
What Wainwright said:

"The mass of elevated ground from High Raise is sturdily buttresses around the flanks: in Eagle Crag it has a giant cornerstone so splendidly situated, so nobily proportioned and of so arresting an appearance that is is to the eye of the mountaineer, a far worthier object than the parent fell".

Eagle Crag is situated near the village of Stonethwaite where the valleys of Langstrath and Greenup join. Impressive walls of crag look down upon Stonethwaite, making Eagle Crag the most arresting sight from that settlement. It can be climbed direct by the average walker, picking a route between the rock faces. Eagle Crag is part of the craggy termination of the northern ridge of the higher fell of High Raise.

The fell has not been given an official height by the Ordnance Survey and is given various heights by several other sources ranging between 520 and 525 metres.

A small cairn marks the summit, balanced on a tilted slab of rock, with crags a few yards distant to west and north. The view from the top of the fell is best to the north and west with Borrowdale and the Langstrath valley clearly in view.

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