Saturday, 13 June 2015

Dodd & Binsey

In a repeat of a walk I did a couple of winters ago, I spent a morning climbing the small fells of Dodd and Binsey. Last time the weather was somewhat challenging but was much improved this time around, despite being very hazy. Both routes follow a simple out and back and take around an hour so I've bundled them into one report here. First up, in a reversal of order from last time, here's Dodd.

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Route: Mirehouse, Dodd Wood, Long Doors, Dodd, Long Doors, Mirehouse 

Date: 13/06/2015
From: Mirehouse

Parking: Layby at roadside
Start Point: Dodd Wood
Region: Northern Fells

Route length: 3.6 miles (5.8 km)
Time taken: 01:22
Average speed: 2.6 mph
Ascent: 427m
Descent: 427m

Wainwrights on this walk:
Dodd (491m)

Other Summits: None

Other points of interest: None

A simple walk straight to the summit of Dodd and back follows a wide Forestry Commission track much of the way until it reaches a large lorry turning area. Here, a much narrower but still signposted path winds up to the summit of the fell. Out return was by the same route in reverse. Here's some photos from a hazy morning.
The track through the woods
The track continues....
Emerging from the woods
Dodd's summit pokes through the trees
The slopes rising to Long Side
Follow the signs to the summit
The Vale of Keswick
Hazy North Western Fells
Approaching the summit
The summit bears a slate memorial
Longside from Dodd
Summit memorial
The proud slate memorial
The fells of Coledale
Dodd's western ridge
Whinlatter and Barf
The slopes of Carl Side
A fine place for a perch
Careful to pick the correct track back to the car
A walk in the woods
After completing a quick trip up and down Dodd, we drove the short distance to Binsey Cottage for a stroll up Binsey - a fell we had entirely to ourselves.

From: Binsey Cottage

Route: Binsey Cottage, Binsey, Binsey Cottage

Parking: Layby at roadside
Start Point: Binsey Cottage
Region: Northern Fells

Route length: 1.6 miles (2.6 km)
Time taken: 00:38
Average speed: 2.5 mph
Ascent: 187m
Descent: 196m

Wainwrights on this walk:
Binsey (447m)

Other Summits: None

Other points of interest: None

The walk to Binsey is even more straightforward than that on Dodd, there are no forks or deviations to watch out for and the summit is rather nice. A layby next to Binsey Cottage has space for 3 or 4 cars - just ours today - and a gate leads to the open hillside. A fairly rough track makes directly for the summit which you should reach inside half an hour.
Leaving the road onto the slopes of Binsey
Skiddaw shrouded in cloud and haze
Latrigg with Over Water in the distance
Approaching the summit
Binsey's summit
Trig pillar and shelter cairn
Looking north
The 'view' north over the Ellen valley
Looking back to the summit
On the return to the car

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