Saturday, 1 July 2000

Lose Hill (Ward's Piece)

Lose Hill
Height: 476m (1,562ft)
Prominence: 76m (249ft)
Region: Peak District Dark Peak
Classifications: Tump
Summit feature: Grass
Times climbed: 1
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The summit looking to Win Hill
Lose Hill lies in the south-east corner of the parish of Edale and the end of the Great Ridge that runs from Rushup Edge to the west.

Local access activist G. H. B. Ward was given an area of Lose Hill by the Sheffield and District Federation of the Ramblers Association in 1945, which was named Ward's Piece; he subsequently presented this to the National Trust.

Suggested explanations for the name of Lose Hill include that it derives from the Old English 'hlose', meaning pigsties, or that it may be a corruption of ‘loose’, as in ‘free land’. The hill's counterpart, Win Hill, lies to the west. In relatively recent times, the two hills' names have prompted a fanciful tale concerning the outcome of an imagined battle. There is no historical basis for the tale whatsoever, and no evidence of any battle ever being fought here.

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